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Simran Canada - Complete Water Treatment Solutions (Analysis - Design -Implementation - Monitoring) for Wastewater, Boiler water, Cooling water and Potable water applications.
Advanced Oxidation Process

Ozone has been used in waste water treatment for limited applications namely, color removal, BOD reduction, COD reduction etc but the applications were limited because Ozone alone is not sufficient to control all parameters of wastewater treatment. Moreover, the amount of ozone required & residence time is very high making it un-economical to treat large flow-rates of waste water.

Advanced Oxidation Process enhances the efficiency of ozone by producing hydroxyl radical. "AOP" system is more effective & uses less ozone as compared to conventional ozone treatment. We use ozone in presence of a catalyst to treat large flow-rates of wastewater to control Colour, Biological oxygen demand, Chemical oxygen demand, Fats, oils & grease etc and the treated water can be recycled.


  • Advanced oxidation process needs less ozone and provides better results as compared to conventional ozone treatment.
  • Reduction in ozone requirement & residence time makes these systems economical to treat large flow-rates.
  • Up to 95% reduction of waste load (COD, BOD, TOC etc).
  • Total Colour removal.
  • Efficient removal of organic matter such as dyes, surfactants, proteins, oils & grease etc.
  • Treatment and recycling of waste waters in textile industry, petroleum industry, food industry etc.
  • No offensive odors.
  • Automatic system.

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