“High Cycle" Silica chemistry marks 10-year milestone in Canada. We were fortunate to find partners in various industries who were willing to step out of the box because science made sense. Extremely pleased & proud to say that Silica chemistry delivered exceptional results at every application.

    Our proprietary softener & controls design with 24/7 monitoring can help you eliminate hardness leakage by monitoring every softener regeneration process and generating a proactive alarm if key parameters are not achieved. The unit is still in stand-by mode & engineers have 8+ hours to resolve the issue. 

    Our Guarantee.

    We guarantee improved results in all key aspects of cooling water treatment i.e., Heat Transfer Efficiency, Corrosion Rate, Microbiological growth & Water Savings. We will prove improvement in system efficiency by comparing (Before & After) results via following methodology:

    • Heat Transfer Efficiency: By measuring scale thickness at few specific points or process parameters.
    • Corrosion Rate: By using corrosion coupons for all metals in the system.
    • Microbiological Growth: By using paddle testers to measure microbiological colony density.
    • Water Savings: By monitoring actual make up water usage.

    In case, we are not able to prove improvement in all key aspects of cooling water treatment, we will remove the equipment at our cost and refund all capital expenses. 

    Our goal is to alleviate your doubts, concerns, fear & uncertainty because this chemistry is new to you. On top of the guarantee, if there is anything else we could do, please let us know & we will try to do our best.